Progressive Land Management, Inc. is very excited, proud and happy to represent Ranch Systems Inc.

Ranch Systems – Monitoring & Control Solutions for Growers

Multi-Functional - One unit for all your needs. Ranch Systems has some of the most versitile hardware on the market today, compatible with a wide range of sensors and functions, even with sensors you may already have in your fields. A single unit can monitor weather sensors, control valves and motors, and even operate a remote camera giving you a lower cost-per-function to help your bottom line.

Anytime, Anywhere AccessYou need a system that every worker on your farm can use. You can access Ranch System's software from cell phones, tablets, computers or even with our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) which allows any worker with a basic phone to access data and alerts.

Six Solutions in a Single PackageDon't buy software that only does part of the job. Ranch System's software is the most complete fields wide solution that does more of what you need, including weather/climate, soil moisture tracking, water level, presure and flow monitoring, pump and valve control, irrigation scheduling, remote cameras, alerting and reporting.