We're Ranchers Ourselves

Progressive Land Management, Inc. has continuously practiced a “hands on approach” by farming our own ranches and passing along to our customers the successful methods that have established us as a leader in ranch management and consulting. We provide the following specialized services and programs.

Orchard Management – We provide a complete orchard management service that is customized to the needs of your orchard. Our goal is to maximize your return on investment.

Consulting – Whatever your agricultural needs are, we can help. Mike Mobley and Eric Noell have over 60 years of combined experience and are always available for consultation and problem solving.

Orchard Development - We can do it all. From helping you decide what and where to plant to full installation of roads, drains, irrigation system and of course trees.

Orchard Revitalization - We have the knowledge, experience, and tools to bring your underperforming trees back to a productive and healthy condition. With the proper care, we can revitalize your tree’s root system and get your trees back to producing the size and quantity of fruit you were hoping for.

Nutrients - There are 16 essential plant nutrients. Supplying trees with the right formulation of each nutrient it needs, when it needs it, is vital to their overall health and productivity. Our favorite fertilizers have a balance of slow release and fast release nutrients that are soil microorganism friendly.

Soil Amendments - Using soil and tissue analyses to identify nutrient levels is indispensable as the first step towards resupplying nutrients that are deficient. Having the right balance of the base saturation nutrients is just as important as correcting any nutrient deficiencies. We are experts at amending the soil with the proper nutrients and at a safe application rate that protects the health of the soil microorganisms. Our program always includes adding carbon in the form of humates. Humates are critical to building up the amount organic matter in the soil and keeping the process of nutrient cycling going.

Other Services - Progressive Land Management, Inc. can set up a frost alarm system in your orchard that requires no electrical hookup. This system will work anywhere there is cellular phone coverage. Electricity is supplied by solar panels and a deep cycle battery. The customer sets the “alarm” temperature and you can have the system call up to four phone numbers. The system can be called anytime to ascertain the current temperature.